Cake Decorating Squeeze Bottles

Item No.: 06-2005

Type: baking tools

Input Size: 18*5.0cm

Processed Materials: PP

Applications: for baking


Cross Colours Camo Print Tank half mengo details


●LOOKING FOR A SET OF MULTIPURPOSE PLASTIC SQUEEZE BOTTLES?  Our premium condiment squeeze bottles are designed to help you store and squirt all your favorite salsas, dressings or condiments on your dishes with ease!  Great for crafting too!

●NO MORE LEAKY SQUIRT CONDIMENT BOTTLES FOR YOU!   The  durable ketchup and mustard squeeze bottles eatures longer and safer red caps that will prevent accidental leaking even if you cut down the nozzle!

●ONE KITCHEN SQUEEZE BOTTLE SET, UNLIMITED USES! You can easily use our plastic dispensers to store and serve your favorite condiments, syrups, salsas, BBQ sauces, salad dressings, hot sauces, melted chocolate, caramel and any other liquid!

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