6pcs Stainless Steel Cream Horn Molds,Baking Cones Roll Horn

Item No.: 04-7448


Input Size: 9.0*2.5cmcm

Processed Materials: stainless steel

Applications: cake baking


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🍦High quality:Our Cream Horn Molds are made from Stainless Steel,so it is Non-toxic,it is environmentally friendly.For its fast heating up and slow cooling down features energy can be saved efficiently. 

🍦Space Saving:Storage easily in small areas,Mold retain their original shape, no more storage or stacking problems.PACKAGE INCLUDE: 6 pcs Cream Horn Molds. 

🍦Multi use:For baking cone-shaped pastry shells like cream horns, waffle cones, french horn, popsicle, small ice cream cone, flaky pastry, pizza cones, etc. 

🍦Stainless Steel has excellent heat regulation properties, so when you follow the recipes accordingly, non stick baking is assured. 

🍦Our molds are perfect for your oven,and you just need to bake according to the recipe instructions.After baking,a rolling mould can be drawn out to leave a cavity for filling in the bread,which makes filling more convenient.

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