Cake Decorating Embossed Rolling Pins..

Item No.: 10-1139

Type: baking tools

Input Size: 31*5.0cm

Processed Materials: Plastic

Applications: for baking


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01.jpg02.jpg03.jpg04.jpg05.jpg10-1139尺寸图.jpgLtem NO:10-1139

●HIGH QUALITY ROLLING PIN: Made of durable food-grade hard plastic, it is safe and non-toxic to use. length: about 36cm.

●EASY TO USE AND CLEAN FONDANT ROLLER: With little effort, rolling on the dough, the raised design will be completely visible, only need to be washed under running water and dried in the air after use.

●WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS: can be used for pasta, biscuit dough, pastries, bread, pizza, fondant, pancakes, etc.

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